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As a customer experience, culture, and leadership keynote speaker, John DiJulius has earned top ratings from audiences around the globe.   His presentations are entertaining, engaging, educational, and ALWAYS customized for your event and attendees.

As a consultant and best-selling author, John has helped organizations drive business growth and develop world-class cultures.  His consulting firm guides companies in building signature brand experiences that ensure loyal customers and employees.

As the owner of multiple businesses, John understands the challenges you face today. He is an inspiring change agent who will help your attendees think differently and move forward.  

Contact us today to book John and make your next event one your attendees will applaud YOU for! 

About John DiJulius

John DiJulius is redefining the customer and employee experience in corporate America today. He didn’t read the books on improving service, he wrote them: Secret Service, Hidden Systems That Deliver Unforgettable Customer ServiceWhat’s The Secret? To Being a World Class Customer Service OrganizationThe Customer Service Revolution, The Best Customer Service Quotes Ever Said, and The Relationship Economy.

Real Experience

John is not just telling others how to do it; he is proving his theories in his own businesses. John is the founder of one of America’s top CX Consulting firms, The DiJulius Group; the owner of John Robert’s Spas, named one of the Top 20 Salons in America, and the founder of a non-profit, Believe in Dreams. John has the unique ability to translate his work to fit extremely large companies as well as small businesses.

Get ready for action!  In his high-energy presentations, John shares brilliantly simple ideas your attendees can implement the next day to stand out in their industry.  One of the most captivating and charismatic business speakers today, John’s keynotes and workshops have transformed more than businesses.  They have transformed the lives of attendees and, ultimately, those they serve.


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Building Stronger Teams: Hire A Top-Rated Leadership Keynote Speaker For Your Event

There are a lot of speakers on leadership. But how many provide a high-energy, educational, and entertaining presentation that your attendees will remember for years to come? Imagine an event where every attendee leaves energized, armed with actionable insights they can implement the next week.

John DiJulius isn’t just an inspiring leadership keynote speaker; he’s a catalyst for transformative growth. The corporate environment is a complex mix of strategies, goals, and human dynamics; understanding them is critical for success. As a consultant who works with senior leaders in diverse industries and the owner of multiple businesses himself, John has life experience to understand the challenges companies face today.

You spend all year preparing for your event. The day arrives. Lights hit the stage and everyone waits with anticipation for the keynote speaker you selected. But what happens if they don’t have a clear message that resonates with the audience? What if they lack the energy or experience to engage attendees? Once they tune out, they become critical of the rest of the event, question their investment and if they will return next year.

leadership conference keynote speaker

When you hire best-selling author John DiJulius, a foremost expert in leadership and brand experience, you can put those worries to rest. John will have your attendees laughing, crying and excited for what’s next.

In this article, we delve into the significance of selecting John DiJulius to champion your event’s message, the essence of leadership mastery he brings, and the impact his stories will have on the fabric of your company culture. What he brings is more than business motivational, he is an inspiring leadership keynote speaker who has touched countless people, creating a ripple effect through organizations and communities.

A Key Message

“As leaders, we need to do better, employees deserve better. The “Great Resignation”, “Quiet Quitting”, and “Cancel Culture” are not indictments on employees, but rather, business leaders’ lack of focus on truly caring for the people who are under their command. Today employees are more selective than ever regarding who they will work for; they are insisting that companies and their leaders help them live the right life. That is how you build a world-class culture.”

from one of John’s bestselling books: The Employee Experience Revolution; Increase Morale, Retain Your Workforce, Drive Business Growth

Why Choose John DiJulius as a Leadership Keynote Speaker for Your Event

Powerful Message

John’s approach goes beyond the traditional rhetoric of leadership motivational speaking. He delves into the service of people and how leadership roles affect the employee experience—how leaders can create a culture that not only motivates but also contributes to the holistic well-being of their teams. Furthermore, his guidance on designing and managing the customer experience is critical in today’s market, where customer service can make or break a business.

Raving Fans

Audience feedback surveys confirm, John DiJulius stands out as an engaging and relatable speaker on leadership and creating a brand experience, for customers and employees. (see testimonials) Renowned for his energy on stage and insight on leadership topics, John brings his unique perspective to every event he speaks at. His specialty in helping leaders build deep connections while driving growth sets him apart, making him an invaluable asset for corporate retreats, leadership summits, board of directors meetings, conferences, and annual company gatherings.

Support Team

Selecting John as your leadership keynote speaker also means choosing a complete professional experience, backed by a team of seasoned event production experts. From the initial stages to the standing ovation, John’s staff ensures that your event’s presentation segment is seamless and outstanding.

“I love John and his team; they are great in everything they do!”
-Amanda McMillan, Rockhead Group USA

Customized Presentation Specific to Your Event

John DiJulius understands that every organization is unique, and to that end, he prides himself on tailoring each of his keynotes. He takes the time to learn the specifics of your needs through consultations like preliminary Zoom calls, ensuring that each message resonates with your audience, proving the value of your great decision in choosing him.

Benefits of Bringing in Acclaimed Author, John DiJulius, as Your Conference Speaker

Elevate Performance

When it comes to elevating the performance and perspectives of your team, the significance of a compelling business speaker cannot be understated. John DiJulius isn’t just a leadership conference speaker; he is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, business owner, offering a mixture of inspiration, motivation, education, and entertainment. His approach to leadership draws from aspects of everyday life. Choosing John as your perfect speaker is an investment—one that pays dividends in the form of a team that’s driven to achieve more and equipped with renewed mindsets.

within two days of the workshop with John, I had employees using and citing various principles John shared during his presentation.
-Darrell McNair MVP


John’s expertise stems from an array of experiences across different industries. Each of his brand experience and leadership topics is enriched with personal anecdotes and stories that bring relevance and understanding to your specific industry challenges and opportunities. He tackles diverse leadership themes, including leading with purpose and building connections, which are essential leadership lessons in today’s dynamic business environments.

Board Meeting, or Thousands of People

Whether it’s a corporate retreat, a summit, or a critical board meeting, John’s presence ensures that the event participants are not just passive attendees, but active learners and participants, ready to absorb and apply new strategies and philosophies in their professional lives.

Being able to have John speak to our small group allowed the conversation to be more intimate and geared specifically towards our business and how we can impact our fans.
-M. Gentry, Savannah Bananas

Team Building

In the quest for organizational excellence, leadership keynote speakers play a crucial role. Motivational speakers like John DiJulius are instrumental in sowing seeds of collaboration, innovation, and strong team relationships—a triad that defines successful companies. He’s celebrated for his ability to act as a spark that ignites change and positively influences leadership cultures, a testimony to his status as an influential leadership expert.

Building stronger teams is not incidental; it’s intentional. It requires nurturing workplaces that embrace collaboration, innovation, and effective communication. Such an environment is the bedrock upon which creative problem-solving and a collaborative culture thrive. John’s insights and expertise are key in this transformation, providing leaders the necessary tools to not only grow professionally but to foster robust teamwork within their organizations.

John was great about being engaging and relatable. He was able to quickly get the audience’s guard down and open them up to learn. The ‘Day in the Life’/Avatar tip for defining our customers and coworkers was great and something I think could really benefit our staff.
-Alaina Noger, Rudis

Effective leadership is a continuous journey of learning and improvement. Engaging thought leaders like John DiJulius ensure that this journey is fruitful and directed toward organizational success. It is through concerted efforts, by expert advice from seasoned speakers like John, that teams become more resilient, adaptable, and prepared for the future challenges they are bound to face.

Qualities to Look for in a Keynote Speaker

Adaptable to Different Audiences

A standout leadership keynote speaker embodies vast experience, charisma, and versatility. When selecting such a speaker, scrutinize for a wide-ranging industry background to ensure they can tailor their message to a universal audience. Their ability to inspire is as crucial as their experience; they must challenge the audience’s understanding and encourage the implementation of novel perspectives.

John’s ability to captivate the audience, with examples that resonated with everyone, across industries or practices, as well as with principles and tools which could be applied immediately.
M. Palmer, Vance Thompson Vision

Easy to Work With

Collaboration between the event planners and the speaker is essential to create a memorable event. An ideal speaker should possess profound insights, articulate strategic thinking, and have a magnetic stage presence that captivates, engages, and motivates attendees to reach new heights.

John is an awesome guy and very easy to work with.
Vikram Bakshi, EO Calgary Learning Chair

Aligns with Your Event Goals, Sets the Tone

You need more than a public speaker to set the tone. The alignment of a leadership keynote speaker with your event’s objectives cannot be overstated. It is instrumental in guaranteeing that your audience departs with actionable knowledge and inspiration. Whether the aim is to refine leadership strategies, enhance management competencies, or invigorate the corporate culture, a seasoned speaker draws upon a well of real-life scenarios. Leveraging well-honed skills and enlightened viewpoints, such speakers can elevate the value of your event, fostering an environment where success is not merely envisioned but actively pursued, irrespective of the event format—be it a live gathering or a digital conference.

His speech set the tone for the entire sales meeting. Everyone at the sales meeting said that starting off the meeting with John was the best idea ever. Everyone went into the week with a positive attitude.
-H. Fry, Elbece

Expertise and Experience

Delving into the expertise and experience of John DiJulius reveals over three decades of entrepreneurial victory and thought leadership. As an accomplished author, DiJulius has delivered a series of impactful best-selling books and has established himself as an esteemed motivational speaker. His ability to motivate teams brings transformation of their approach to business leadership and the employee experience.

A Teachable System

You love to see people entertained and enjoying the speaker they heard. But what if they walk away wondering “what did I really learn, how will I use that?” When you want countless people to walk away from your event ready to to implement changes in their everyday life, they have to be given more than platitudes. John carefully studies the industries he presents for and includes examples and specific ho-to’s that attendees can put to work the next week. While John customizes every presentation he gives, his teachings are still grounded in the proven methodical framework he developed- the same one used by his globally recognized clients such as Starbucks, Nestle and Chick-fil-A. John also facilitates the teachings of this methodology in The Customer Experience Executive Academy and the Employee Experience Executive Academy. These academies, which he founded, further demonstrate his commitment to mentoring leaders. His goal has always been to transform the business and personal life of each attendee.

Evaluating credentials ensures that the speaker you engage will not just speak but will provide an unforgettable experience; profoundly transforming teams and organizations.

Why a Leadership Conference Speaker?

Guiding Teams, Shaping Culture

In the realm of guiding teams and organizations towards a flourishing trajectory, the impact of a transformative leadership keynote speaker cannot be overstated. Leadership skills transcend the boundaries of the workplace to influence personal growth and group dynamics. DiJulius has mastered the craft of resonating with his audience, intertwining storytelling with actionable guidance. His latest book uncovers how the essence of leadership revolves around attracting and constructing dynamic teams, fostering effective communication, and honing leadership development methods to build organizational success.

DiJulius understands the importance of shaping company culture, and how one created by intention yields superior outcomes. Inspirational speakers and leadership speakers like him empower individuals to elevate their influence, whether they stand at the helm of a startup or lead divisions in a Fortune 500 company.

Understanding of Effective Leadership Skills

As a serial entrepreneur, John DiJulius brings a treasure trove of real-world insights into the arena of effective leadership. His engagements as a speaker are more than mere lectures—they are a practical playbook drawn from actual business successes and lessons learned. DiJulius demonstrates how visionary leaders paint compelling pictures of the future while making sure each team member understands their pivotal role in the collective journey.

His endeavors, from business ownership to establishing charitable foundations to helping other organizations succeed, provide stories and instruction of how inspired leaders can drive unparalleled achievement.

Choosing the Right Leadership Keynote Speaker

Influence The Event Outcome

In the pursuit of excellence for any corporate event, conference, or workshop, choosing the right leadership keynote speaker is a pivotal decision. The speaker sets the tone and can greatly influence the outcome of the event. A leadership speaker with a diversity of topics capable of navigating a myriad of leadership challenges and delivering valuable insights will impress audiences. It’s imperative to seek speakers who have honed their expertise across various industries, as they can provide unique and adaptable strategies and stories that resonate with a broad audience. Furthermore, aligning the speaker’s experience and knowledge with the specific themes and aspirational goals of the event can amplify the impact, inspiring attendees to reimagine leadership and catalyze success within their organizations.

The Impact of a Motivational Leadership Message

A powerful motivational leadership message serves as a catalyst that ignites passion, determination, and a relentless pursuit of goals. When a leadership keynote speaker delivers an inspiring talk, they set off a chain reaction of positive outcomes, motivating individuals to strive for excellence and elevate their performance. Whether addressing a packed conference hall or a private corporate event, such speakers wield the influence to instill a sense of purpose and direction in their audience. Their words empower leaders to take calculated risks, to express appreciation and to foster a constructive and uplifting company culture.

As specialist motivational keynote speakers impart practical wisdom fused with energizing insights, they become instrumental in guiding listeners through the intricate landscape of leadership challenges. Their narratives on conquering adversity become the lighthouse for professionals navigating through the stormy waters of their careers. Thus, a well-crafted motivational leadership message is not just a speech; it’s a beacon that leads to a revitalized workforce, primed for success and ready to embrace the essence of influential leadership.

Inspire And Motivate Your Team

Investing in a business keynote speaker yields considerable dividends. It leads to invigorated leaders keen to apply new strategies and insights shared by the speaker. Such engagement doesn’t just influence the mindsets of leaders; it recharges the entire organizational culture, paving the way for remarkable leaps in performance and productivity.

Strengthen Team Communication and Collaboration

The hallmark of a thriving organization is evident in how seamlessly its teams communicate and collaborate. By highlighting the importance of this within a leadership narrative, they encourage silos to be removed and the creation of a collaborative atmosphere to develop where ideas can flourish without barreirs.

Moreover, fostering strong relationships with colleagues and customers is another theme that resonates in John’s powerful message. In not just advocating for teamwork, but in demonstrating how effective collaboration impacts market share and customer satisfaction, a speaker lends a practical dimension to the idea of unity. This practical guidance can help teams to harmonize their efforts, leading to a cohesive work culture synonymous with breakthroughs and collective achievements.

In sum, a compelling message from a leadership keynote speaker can be transformative, inspiring teams to excel and encouraging a communicative, collaborative spirit necessary for sustained success.

Create an Intentional Company Culture

Creating an intentional company culture is a deliberate process that impacts how individuals engage with their work and each other. It’s the kernel that shapes teamwork, motivation, and performance. At its core, this culture is embodied by shared values, attitudes, and practices that collectively define the organization’s character. When crafted with care, it promotes a vibrant workplace dynamic that drives collaboration, innovation, and employee fulfillment.

Leadership is the pivotal force behind the forging of company paths and cultural norms. By actively setting the tone and demonstrating core values through their behavior, leaders can construct a robust environment where all team members feel valued, empowered, and connected to the broader vision of the company. Such a culture marries employee satisfaction with increased retention, creating a feedback loop that propels organizational success.

The Role of Leadership in Shaping Company Culture

Leadership is more than management—it’s a transformative influence that can forge a culture of excellence. Acclaimed leadership keynote speakers emphasize that leadership is at the heart of company culture, dictating whether an atmosphere cultivates confidence or fear, accountability or blame, engagement or drudgery.

Creating a positive culture starts with leading by example. Leaders who inspire, recognize contributions, and correct mistakes rather than assign blame, can transform their teams to achieve remarkable feats. They create spaces where people are encouraged to innovate, voice their thoughts and take pride in their contributions. This leadership style is infectious, infusing the organization with vitality and a unity of purpose.

Nurture Employee Growth and Development

The tenet that leadership begins from within is a crucial aspect of nurturing a culture that supports growth and development. Insightful leadership keynotes remind us that every individual has the capacity to be a leader, and fostering this internal drive is the backbone of company advancement. When a culture revolves around leadership development, the organization is primed for continual success, with each team member striving to reach their potential.

Keynote talks often underline strategies for communication, team building, and leadership development—critical components for personal and professional growth. They advocate for elevating employees to eclipse their own accomplishments as a path to cultivating talent, enhancing productivity, and securing effective leaders for the future. A strong company culture rests on this foundation of empowering individuals, reinforcing the ultimate objective: to uplift the collective towards success.

The challenge, DiJulius warns, is promoting people into leadership positions without appropriate training. The term “accidental manger” has become a popular term for those managers who were likely great at their job and promoted up the ranks. The challenge is confusing high performance with

By embedding these principles into the company’s DNA, leaders not only grow their business but also invest in creating a succession of future visionaries capable of steering the ship in the right direction, ensuring lasting organizational prosperity and resilience.

The Role of Personal Experiences in Leadership

Personal experiences are a tapestry of invaluable insights and lessons that leaders carry with them. When leaders choose to share their personal journeys, they unveil a wellspring of wisdom obtained not just from professional triumphs but also from the trials and tribulations that have tested their mettle. These anecdotes cultivate connectivity; they bridge the gap between the leader and the team, making the former more accessible and human.

Leaders who share these vivid pages from their life stories demonstrate vulnerability, often nurturing trust and strengthening Team bonds. Such vulnerability shows that leaders, too, have faced and overcome challenges, reinforcing the notion that obstacles are not insurmountable but rather stepping stones to success.

By integrating personal stories into their leadership approach, they create a resonant leadership style—one that is authentic, impactful, and deeply relatable. These stories are real-world illustrations of leadership principles, embodying the trials of decision-making, the rewards of resilience, and the transformative power of positive thinking.

Influential leadership experts advocate for using personal experiences as teaching tools. Not only do they provide a rich backdrop for leadership topics but also serve as a catalytic framework for motivating others. The notion is straightforward: if a leader can perseclude through challenge and come out stronger, so can the individuals and the teams they inspire.

Personal experiences, when shared effectively, illuminate the path for others, offering tangible proof of what is possible and stirring within team members the courage to chase their aspirations.

Sharing Personal Stories to Connect with the Audience

In the highly interactive setting of leadership keynotes, the ability of a speaker to connect with their audience can spell the difference between a memorable talk and one easily forgotten. This connection is often forged through the art of storytelling. Leadership keynote speakers who excel at their craft deftly weave personal stories into their narratives—stories that magnetize and maintain audience engagement.

These narratives are not just retellings but strategically chosen, relevant experiences that align with the leadership message being conveyed. They may reveal the challenges a speaker faced on their climb to success or discuss a pivotal moment that clarified their leadership style or purpose. By sharing such impactful stories, the speaker nurtures a profound rapport with the audience.

Leadership speakers from an array of experience realms utilize these stories to transcend cultural barriers and promote inclusive leadership practices. Accounts of navigating uncertainty, adhering to guiding principles, and fostering meaningful connections all contribute to a rich tapestry of insights that benefit every listener personally and professionally.

Here are some examples of how personal stories can enrich a leadership keynote speech:

  • Overcoming Adversity: Sharing a story about overcoming a personal setback can inspire resilience in the face of professional challenges.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Recounting experiences that highlight the importance of diversity can foster more inclusive workplace practices.
  • Innovation and Risk: Describing the journey of acting on a revolutionary idea can encourage others to embrace innovation and take calculated risks.

In choosing the stories to share, the leadership speaker demonstrates discernment and intention. The goal is not simply to share a narrative but to elicit an emotional response that galvanizes action and anchors the leadership concepts being discussed. This synergy of personal experience and practical insight instils a lasting impression, one that often transcends the close of the keynote and endures as a motivator in the professional lives of those in attendance.

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