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John works with all sizes of companies from small businesses to Fortune 500 organizations.

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Tires Les Schwab
M Marriott
Anytime Fitness
Celebrity Cruises
The Ritz Carlton
Entrepreneurs Organization

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Creating a Customer Service Revolution

Creating a Customer Service Revolution – Be the brand people cannot live without. Learn how numerous companies have made Customer service their biggest competitive advantage, are dominating their industries, and are making price irrelevant!

At this presentation you’ll discover how:

Building Strong Customer Connections in the Digital Age

Today is a virtual world. The winners of that world are mastering The Relationship Economy. 

The Relationship Economy is where the primary currency is the connections and trust made with customers, employees, and vendors that creates incredible value in what we sell. These relationships separate us from our competition and gives us an incredible advantage.

The Relationship Economy is about building a culture that recognizes the importance of each individual, making them a part of a community that is working towards something bigger. A community that makes them feel cared for.

“Today’s illiterate are those who have an inability to  make a truly deep connection with others.”

No business is safe, even innovation has been commoditized. Today is known as the digital disruption era. Technology has provided us with amazing advances, information, knowledge, instant access, and entertainment like never before. However, as convenient as these advances make our lives, they also have changed the way we communicate, behave, think, and have lead to a dramatic decline in people skills. That is why building relationships and genuine connections have never been more important. 

You will learn

“BX STRONG” (Brand eXperience Strong)

What needs to be your number one business strategy?

The companies that will dominate their industries for the next decade will be the ones who are obsessed with evolving the experience they provide to both the employee and customer.

At this presentation you’ll discover how:

The Employee Experience Revolution

Become the best professional decision of your employees life

As leaders, we need to do better, employees deserve better. The “Great Resignation”, “Quiet Quitting”, and “Cancel Culture” are not indictments on employees, but rather, business leaders’ lack of focus on truly caring for the people who are under their command. Today employees are more selective than ever regarding who they will work for; they are insisting that companies and their leaders help them live the right life. That is how you build a world-class culture. 

Great brands are born to help people live extraordinary lives. Great leaders inspire their employees to build lives of meaning and purpose. As a result, they help their employees and customers reach their fullest potential.

You will learn:

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