Audiences Love the Impact of John's Presentations


John did a great job capturing the audience and driving home the message.
keynote speaker
Alaina Nogar
John never fails to deliver an invigorating message and engage the audience.
Laura Hobbs
Bausch + Lomb
John tailors and makes the presentation just for your organization. He is high energy. John gives you actionable, relevant information to continue your mission.
Marriott Internaltional
Cheri Rutledge
Marriott International
John's sense of humor and the videos used to present his unique ideas were captivating. The pace and amount of information were just right!
Denise Lewis
EO Albany
What I like about John's topic is, it it 100% relatable to our lives. You can walk away from the session and immediately begin implementing the topic in your day-to-day functions.
Andrew Palmer
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
John's energy and passion for service are legendary and totally come through. I liked the way that John was able to answer a question and then circle back to it again later to provide a deeper answer.
Lee Prosenjak
John is an excellent speaker. The presentation was well followed out, well presented. Not only did John present extremely applicable information, he also presented in a very entertaining manner.
Cleveland Clinic
Dr. Raymond Isakov
Cleveland Clinic, Ohio Valley Society of Plastic Surgeons
John's energy was fantastic. He was able to not only hold the attention of the audience for a 2.5 hour session, but he made sure that everyone was actively participating and taking notes on the presentation. His message was also very relevant to our industry and was extremely important for us to listen to.
Southern California Credit Union Alliance
Aron Harrington
John's energy was amazing. The interactions with the group and with our associates. The content was exactly what we needed. The shared learning from Zappos call was BRILLIANT! Very engaging. Loved It!
M Marriott
Bernadette SaintVil
Marriott West Palm Beach
John's approach to tackling serious issues with a touch of humor that help participants understand good and bad examples of service. Additionally the way he interacts and engages with the participants.
Debra Neill Baker
Neill Corp
John’s expertise on the subject, his enthusiasm, ability to keep attention of the audience, and relevance to dental (or any) industry
Dr. Gen Orthodontics
Dr. Felix Gen
Dr. Gen Orthodontics
john was energetic and connected with our audience. Real life, practical ideas were delivered.
Master Brand
Gordon McCance
MasterBrand Cabinets
I like that john uses many resources to drive his key ideas home (videos, stories, other companies). it creates variety, keeps the learner engaged and shows he has done the work.
Marlo Boyle
Aveda Great Lakes
John is very direct with his approaches. He is a great communicator and tells stories that apply to the crowd.
Vikram Bakshi
EO Calgary

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