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At The Day Of The Presentation

  • Projector and large screen (if smaller or conference room setting, a TV with HDMI connection works as well).

  • ¬†John will need a wireless headset, preferably something similar to Countryman brand.

  • Audio sound/cable & speakers (John has videos within his presentation that require sound).

  • John uses his own Mac laptop to run his presentation using Keynote, with slides formatted to 16:9. He has adapters with him for HDMI and VGA connections to his Mac.

  • John does not need an Internet connection during his presentation.

  • John will need to have a sound check with the A/V administrator before the event, taking place as close to his presentation as possible. He will need approximately 5-10 minutes. Providing the name and cell number of the A/V administrator if available is greatly appreciated.

  • John can be reached in the event of an emergency at: 330-348-3004 or john@thedijuliusgroup.comTheDiJuliusGroup.com
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